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Manual for Users

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We have created a new module for quotation management. Please follow the document to understand how you can use it.

Menu Links

  1. Once the Quote module is activated for your login, you will see the “Quote Manager+” link in the top menu. Upon clicking this link you will see a dropdown of submenus.
  2. “New Quote Request” link will open a form to create a new quotation request.
  3. “Quotations List” link will open your existing quotations list in a tabular format.
  4. “Masters+” link will open sub-links for Airline, Agent, Client masters.
  5. “Quote Settings” will open form to manage the quote naming format.

Create New Quote Request

In the Quotation Listing page click “New Quotation” button at the bottom of list.

We can see a new page with a request form.

  1. Origin: Please select origin airport IATA code of your shipment from dropdown.
  2. Destination: Please select destination airport IATA code of your shipment. You can select multiple airports.
  3. Tariff Mode: Please select shipment type. GCR, Express, DGR etc.
  4. Airlines: Please select airlines to which your quotation request will go via email/SMS. You can select multiple airlines. Once an airline is selected it will show the contact person details. You can add new/edit from Airline Master from “Masters+” menu. 

  1. Agents: Please select list of agents to whom you want to email this quote. You can add as many agents here. To add a new agent, please click on the PLUS icon near the textbox. Agents will receive the email address with a link to add quote based on the list of airlines.

  1. Clients: Please select your client (Shipper) name for whom you are getting quotes from multiple agents and airlines. You can add shipper by clicking PLUS icon or from top menu “Quote Manager+” => “Masters +” => Client Manager

Assigning a Shipper/Client to a quotation is important because once you receive quotes from multiple parties, you can forward the same to the client with your own charges and markup.

  1. Gross Weight / Chargeable Weight / Calculator: Please click the “Volume Weight” button to open packages details and dimensions popup. Once you enter all details, please click on “Calculate Vol. Wt.” button to reflect the Vol wt. and chargeable weight. Please click on “Save” button to close the popup window.

  1. Commodity: Please enter description of the cargo/shipment.
  2. Shipment Ready Date: Please enter a likely date by when shipment will be ready.

Preview Quote Button


Please click the continue button to add a quote to the list and it will send emails to selected agents and airlines.

Sample Email received by an agent or airline staff:

When creating a request system create a mail and send it to the agent and airline staff where we specified the request.

Quotation Listing

“Quote Manager +” => “Quotation List” Link:

We can see all quotation requests here. Providing a filter facility to find a quotation or group of quotations.

Providing action buttons for more details and copy quotation.

View details of quotation

Please click on “View Quote – Folder Icon” to open details of quotations and to check if you have received new quotes from airlines or agents.

This page will show you quotes received from agents/airlines. You can see all quotes, compare.

You have the option to accept the quote from the agent/airline. Once accepted, agents can not make changes in it.

View received quotations

If you click the “View Quote icon” on the action column, a popup will appear with all details of the quote submitted by agent/airline.

You can accept and print the quotation from this popup.

Send quotation to Client

You can send a quotation to the client from the quotation detail page by clicking the specified link.

It will provide the given form. You can send a received quote to your shipper after adding your margin and other charges.

Above screenshot explains that procedure. After the client accepts a quotation that you sent, you can’t edit or send new quotation for the specific destination in that quote request.

Print Quotation

You can print quotations from the request detail page.

and  from quotation detail view popup window

The output printable A4 sized pdf document will open in a new tab. You can print, save, or mail to any one. Print sample given below

Accepted Quotations

After accepting the quotation the icons in the action column will change as follows.

Not accepted

Accepted the quotation

Here the icon  means Client accepted the quotation. After the client accepts the quotation send icon will hide, that is you can't add or change new quotations against that requested destination.

Action Log

Listing all quotation request related actions like request quotation, accept quotation etc with time of action done.

Quotation Expiry

Quotation request will expire on the date of execution specified on request. After expiry agents can’t create or update quotations. For a quotation it automatically expires after specified days by agent or expires mentioned date with quotation.

Master managers

We provide master manages to manage Quotation Agents, Airline Staff, and Clients details and contact informations.

Airline manager

Listing will provide all airlines you added.

You can create new contact with  button or edit information with edit  button.

Agent manager

Listing will provide all agents you added.

You can create new contact with  button or edit information with edit  button.

Client manager

Listing will provide all clients you added.

You can create new contact with  button or edit information with edit  button.